If you want to buy a house worth Rs 1 Cr in a few years from now, you would need to account for the following:

  • Downpayment: This amount would sum up to be 12-15% of the cost of the house i.e. Rs 20 Lakhs (approx.).
  • Income Tax Proof: The document is proof of the fact that you earn enough to be able to pay the monthly EMI on the balance loan of Rs 80 lakhs, which is about Rs 80,000/month.

People who make this purchase earn enough to pay the monthly EMI of Rs 80,000 but struggle to pay the initial cost which is approximately Rs 20 Lakhs as down payment.

An SIP can help you create enough wealth over 5 years for the down payment of your home.

SIPs are regular investments. It is like a recurring deposit into which you put in a small amount every month. It permits you to make investments in Mutual Funds periodically (monthly or quarterly) instead of a heavy one-time investment. Thus, you can invest without altering other financial liabilities.

If you invest in a SIP with a monthly investment of Rs 80,000, you can generate approximately:

  • Rs 36 lakhs at the end of 3 years, or
  • Rs 68 lakhs at the end of 5 years.

In order to buy a house in the near future, start creating wealth with your own money instead of leaving it in a bank or locking it in an FD.

The earlier you start planning and saving AND investing for a house (instead of leaving your money in a Fixed Deposit) the LESSER you will need at the time of buying your house. Talk to us below or call +91 96500 65242 to find out how.

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